A Brief Introduction of Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin (Chris raises · Lu Bhutto), a France's high-heeled shoes designer, in 1963 was born in Paris, fosters by his mother him and in family's four sisters grows up, his father is the highly skilled the carpenter. His 16 years old then discontinued studies France's footwear industry center--Romans-sur-Isere, and in Challis. The Jordan Shoe manufacturer has been an apprentice. At he 12 year-old time, he frequently skips classes France's some nightclubs to watch the female model performance, because he is put on by them the high-heeled shoes attract and take him by this to become a high-heeled shoes designer's energetic power, he said; 'these female models are very big to my influence, if you like the high-heeled shoes, that is the genuine initial high-heeled shoes, that is about the leg, puts on anything to walk, body's decoration entirety. They are the initial idol'. Because although decision which so already discontinues studies, Luo Boting has encountered many people's oppositions, but he praises, was looking a television picks Sophia.
After Laurentian program, his determination has decided. In the program, Laurentian introduced her younger sister, said her at only then 12 year-old time can not but discontinue studies, but obtained her degree in she 50 year-old time him. I thought that each people cheer for it, yes, if I regretted at least I decided that must look like Sophia. Laurentian's younger sister is the same.

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